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Your ability to become an informed-consumer of mental health research and services is just around the corner!

Why Mental Health Research and Consultation?

      As a member of the general public who seeks mental health assistance, you have the right to be an informed consumer with the most recent available research on a given topic. An informed consumer is an individual who is knowledgeable of the evidence-based research on any given product or service. Anyone can look up information on a disorder or treatment over the internet; however, the informed consumer is one who is determined to be equipped with information about current research findings on mental health disorders or treatment methods that are prescribed by mental health professionals. This places the informed consumer in a position to contribute to the therapeutic process while being able to be more selective in their decision-making process. 

     Let's face it, mental health research is not as easy as a search on a treatment or disorder through a popular internet search engine. Mental health professionals are trained to scientifically analyze claims made in research which is not always the case with articles written through popular media. Peer-reviewed research that is written, reviewed, analyzed, and tested by various members of the mental health community must be reviewed by someone who is knowledgeable about the field. Peer-reviewed research is evidence- based and it is what local, state, and federal funding sources utilize for reimbursement or insurance. The complex nature of understanding mental health disorders is the reason popular news media usually obtains the expertise of consultants when discussing mental health topics. These agencies and media outlets are informed consumers who choose to become knowledgable about the topic and the effectiveness of the services received. As an informed consumer, you can be informed about mental health disorders, services, and treatments available as well. Let us help you!

      As Mental Health Research Consultants, our goal is to help mental health professionals and the general public to gain valuable insight into the current trend in mental health research. The general public gains valuable insight into information on trends in the diagnosis, treatment, and changes developing in mental health issues. Mental Health Professionals are able to gather valuable research to write a research article, book, or gain insight into current research on a topic. 

How It Works:

     As the consumer who desires to be informed on current research on a mental health issue, you will contact us to request information on a specific topic. We will obtain and compile the research from peer-reviewed scientific journals and present it to you in the form of a report. You have the option of receiving only the report, receiving only the research articles,  or you can obtain the report and the research articles obtained on the topic. 

     Sometimes our clients have a general idea as to their specific knowledge-based needs. They are unaware of specific terms or concepts that address the mental health issue that is of interest. Based on a generalized understanding of the topic of interest, we utilize our mental health knowledge to consult with you on how the research can be broken down to address various issues or concerns. 

     Some members of the general public utilizing this service to become informed-consumers for personal and professional development are:

    - Authors

    - Soldiers

    - Parents

    - Mental Health Professionals

    - Life Coaches

    - Ministers

    - Family members of those recently      

       diagnosed with disorders. 


     Contact us today if you would like information on a mental health disorder or issue, need treatment information, or need assistance finding mental health resources.


We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.
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