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Put your passion to work.

     Academic Research Solutions, Inc. provides evidence-based research and consultation services to clients who are interested in human behavior.  We provide professional and consumer mental health research on evidence-based practices and empirically supported treatments. Our services also includes DISC personality assessments, training, and consultation services for individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses. 

     Our goal is to provide the tools needed to increase knowledge, improve productivity, enable teamwork, and enhance communication. We supply our clients with the tools needed to be successful in their personal and professional pursuits. Our research and consulting services disclose important mental and behavioral health research, treatment, and services that are available to consumers.  

     Our clients can receive counseling through our Dareu2bu Counseling Service, and professional consulting services. We take our clients through the journey of self-awareness, as they learn of their unique qualities, learn how they can maximize their personal strengths, learn how to reduce conflict, and gain knowledge of effective communication. Clients receive personal validation from their DISC personality profile as they gain insight into human behavior. 

Committed to equipping our clients with the materials to make informed decisions.

Our clients benefit from our personal  and spiritual development services:

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