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Seeds of Wisdom (S.O.W.) Program

The Seeds of Wisdom (S.O.W.) is a social-emotional learning program designed to help educators promote emotional intelligence during the academic development of their youth. Based on the principle, "Whatever a man reaps, he will sow," our desire is to help educators sow seeds of wisdom that helps their students to retrain and reshape their perception, to restructure their reality, and grow to produce the fruits of academic and personal success in their life. We believe this is accomplished with educators who acknowledge the importance of emotional intelligence as being a crucial building block in children's academic and personal development. We believe this need can be addressed through social-emotional learning in a warm, nurturing academic environment. 


Program Goals:

  1. Support Students and Educators emotional well-being.

  2. Empower Educators and Students to no longer feel like victims of external circumstances. 

  3. Inspire Educators and Students to take control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

  4. Build student-teacher relationships to create a solid foundation for personal growth and academic development.

  5. Help Educators and Students to explore the meaning of being 'human.'

  6. Empower Educators and Students to develop their self-knowledge and life skills.

  7. Plant seeds of inspiration that directly relates to academic development.

  8. Authenticate and Define student engagement in the learning process.

  9. Promote the importance of character development with academic development.


We accomplish this goal through:

  1. Development, Promotion, and Reinforcement of positive habitual thinking patterns through optimistic, introspective reflections discussed by educators and students during class.

  2. Teaching, maintaining and strengthening the overall understanding of 'happiness' as a life skill to be consciously developed as a 'state of being' on a daily basis.

  3. Teaching, promoting, and reinforcing character development as a part of emotional intelligence for lifelong learning and achievement.

  4. Teaching, promoting, and reinforcing cultural competency and the humane treatment of all people through emotional intelligence. 

If you are interested in learning how you can get this program into your school, CONTACT US TODAY! We have several teaching tools and materials for use in facilitating the goals of this program. We provide training to educators and staff on how to promote the aims of this program through use of the materials provided. 

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